At Robotic Surgical Systems, we are keen on providing the latest innovations to our healthcare professionals and ensuring these technologies are utilized in the safest and most effective way to improve lives.

For this reason, our team consists of high calibre clinical application specialists. Our specialists are all well trained and certified by the manufacturers we represent and they are ready to support the medical professional to make sure they are getting the best out of the technology. We also provide extensive onsite support for each installation and our clinical support team are always available for any quick online support.



We understand the importance of operational up time especially when it comes to vital medical technology. Hence to fully support our customers we have devised our service strategy as follows with different levels of support:


1- Our online engineers are just a click away to help you resolve any urgent matters that can be fixed via remote access or even by your team.

2- Our local team of engineers are trained and certified by our manufacturers and are available at your disposal to perform any preventive and corrective maintenance.

3- Our regional service team at Hospinorm UAE have extensive experience to support our local engineers remotely or even onsite if needed.

4- Spare parts availability is a key metric for us at Robotics Surgical Systems, therefore we always make sure major spare parts and disposable items are available locally in each country. In addition, our regional warehouse in Dubai, UAE is used to replenish stocks as well as to dispatch any parts that are not found locally.


Based on our extensive experience in the region, we understand that acquiring the latest technologies is not always easy given the financial impact this might have on the institution. To further enable our healthcare professionals to have the latest technology, we have put together different financing options that will help breakdown and minimize the financial burden. Our sales team will be delighted to discuss different financing options and propose what they see appropriate.


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